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Starting Something New

Good morning, evening or day, wherever you are. I hope you’re well!

Now, I’m just going to get straight to the point. I disappeared and I’m sorry. From now on I’m going to try and post consistently. I’m thinking every Sunday maybe and starting from the Sunday next. I just needed to take the time to sort out myself and my health.

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Languages I’m learning and why.

1. Twi

ɛte sɛn!

Twi is a dialect of the Akan language and is one of the many languages used in Ghana today. The reason why I’m learning Twi is that I am of Ghanaian descent. Twi was actually the first language I learnt to speak as a child, but as I started school, English was pushed more heavily onto me.

When I was younger I was fluent in Twi. I understood English but not well enough for my age. Come to current times, I’m now fluent in English and unable to speak Twi. My parents speak to me in Twi, I just reply in English.

I’ve been to Ghana around three times so, I am quite familiar with the country. I just love the vibrant and joyful atmosphere that the country holds on its self and I just have to say, it’s a beautiful country to visit.

Since quarantine began, I’ve been trying to jog back my memory by taking a Twi language course on ‘Memrise’. It hasn’t been too difficult as I know most of the words already, it’s just that I don’t know how to spell them. I’ve been practising at home by trying to speak to my parents in Twi and so far, I’d say that I definitely have improved, just by a bit.

2. Irish

Dia dhuit!

In Ireland, we’re taught Irish once we start primary school. I don’t want to go criticizing the system but Irish isn’t taught very well in schools. Unless you go to a school that teaches all subjects through Irish (a Gaelscoil), you’re not going to come out of school fluent. Which is quite upsetting because you typically spend 14 years studying the language. But then I got thinking, maybe if I put in a little extra effort, I could come out of school almost fluent.

Irish is an exam subject and is compulsory for the majority of students to learn until they have finished secondary school. I’m currently in my 4th year of secondary school and let’s just say that at times I find it difficult to have a conversation in Irish.
I hate to say this but I’ve never enjoyed learning the language and I honestly don’t know why. Irish is not that useful over here, as almost everyone speaks English and, only a small percentage use Irish throughout their daily lives.

If the language was used more, maybe I’d have a bit more enthusiasm for it. It is not useful to me unless I want a career in areas such as teaching or maybe law.
I’m hoping that for my Leaving Cert, (equivalent to A-Levels and SAT/ACT) I’ll at least try to put in as much effort as I do with my other subjects. My lack of enthusiasm for the language definitely wards me off of the subject when it comes to the time where I have to study it.

3. French


I’ve wanted to learn French from when I was young. I cannot remember me not wanting to learn the language. Once I started secondary school, I picked up the language and took it for my Junior Cert (equivalent to GCSEs).
I suppose the reason why I find French much is easier to learn is that there are many more online resources available compared to the number available for learning Irish and Twi.
I’ve found learning the language so enjoyable. I haven’t been to France before but I do hope to visit soon. French is used globally, so it’ll definitely be beneficial to me once I’m out of school.

In the future, I do hope to change my mentality about Irish because I do believe it’s important to learn your country’s language, even if it’s not widely spoken. I also hope to learn Spanish once I become more conversational in French.

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Mind Yourself!!!



My Goals for July 2020

Good morning, afternoon or evening to you dear reader. I hope you and your family are doing well.

So over here on the edge of Europe, lockdown restrictions are being lifted and life is slowly going back to normal, which is something that I have found very scary. I’m now so used to staying inside and doing absolutely nothing.

Yes, I have suffered tremendously from the effects of staying inside and doing absolutely nothing. As an athlete, the right thing to have done once the lockdown started was to of trained on my own buuuuuut……

I was actually supposed to complete my state examinations this year but corona decided to give the bus driver the incorrect directions so my exams got cancelled. The official state exams were cancelled but I was given tests from my school so that they could form an end of year report to certify that I have completed my junior cycle in secondary school.

Okay, so I’ll get to the point. Because I was expected to do more important exams this year I had held my health as an as a priority……. second to my studies. When I heard that my exams were cancelled I wasn’t too happy as I had sacrificed a year’s worth of work to get into the physical shape that I was in to try and get the grades that I was hoping to receive.

So my first goal of this month is to try to start excising again.

You don’t have to do to anything too insane once you start off. Do something that you find fun. It can be even something as easy as dancing to your favourite playlists, yoga or going for a short walk. Honestly, we all need to do some moving after 3+ months of sitting.

I hope to buy a basketball soon as its a sport that I enjoy, but as well keeps my heart rate up as I play and isn’t as tiring as a sprint training session. Most stores have just recently reopened and people are out and the queues are out of this world so, I’m just waiting for all the hype to go down before I walk into any store.

Change my Eating Habits

If you’re eating habits have improved in quarantine, I salute you! Being inside all day as well as studying for online exams was definitely not healthy for my mind and body. A lot of stress eating was introduced and I want to change that. It’s mainly my snacking choices that I want to change. Often, when I’m hungry I’ll reach for chocolate, or a biscuit when I know that I have better options available to me. Now I just want to say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating chocolate or biscuits in moderation!!!

You do you. Anything is healthy as long as it is in moderation.

Finish my Psychology Course

I have enrolled in a free course on Coursera because I literally have nothing better to do, but it’s something I do hope to finish and, if I don’t it’s no big deal. Sometimes I have to remind myself that summer breaks are for breaks, not more intense learning.

Finish Reading my Books

I am currently reading ‘One of us is Next’ by Karen M. Mc Manus which I do hope to finish by the end of the month. Hopefully, I’ll have a review done about the book. I also randomly decided to pick up ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen a couple days back and I was hooked after reading the first chapter! Hopefully, I’ll finish this too but now I’m just realising that reading two books at once ain’t the most efficient thing to be doing.

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sonder – n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.  THE DICTIONARY OF OBSCURE SORROWS.

Everyone is going through something including that stranger sitting beside you on the train. No matter how close we are to certain individuals we may not want to share every single detail of our life with others, whether that be a stranger on the train, your best friend to even you parents.

Some of us like to keep things to ourselves as we do not want to shade the light that we see glowing in your life with our darkness. Often, we do this while forgetting that our opening up can help someone else talk about what they’re going through.

I know that feeling sonder often applies to when you’re out around strangers but you can often feel it when a friend decides to open up about stuff you could never imagine would be going on in their life.

So what does sonder turn into when it comes to those you thought you knew so well all along.

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